Sergey Moiseev

Adviser to the First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia


ETF: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

25 february 2022 | Sergey Moiseev

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are gradually supplanting all other types of funds in the financial market. Their rampant growth makes it simpler for millions of investors to enter markets. However, their expected dominance might have effects that are yet to be explored.

Russian Investors and Foreign ETFs

10 january 2022 | Mikhail Mamuta, Sergey Moiseev

From 2022 on, Russian retail investors will be allowed to buy foreign exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This regulatory decision tackles several objectives, from making investments more balanced to encouraging competition among asset management companies.

New Rules for Retail Investors

31 may 2021 | Mikhail Mamuta, Sergey Moiseev

New legislative requirements for communication with non-qualified investors are meant to enhance the protection of individuals in financial markets and increase market transparency by providing more comprehensive information about financial products to investors.

The Second Birth of RUONIA

2 september 2020 | Sergey Moiseev

The Bank of Russia is taking over the administration of the RUONIA rate, a benchmark interest rate for Russia's monetary policy and public debt. This is a part of the global benchmark interest rate reform consequential to the global financial crisis.

Fintech in Microfinance

17 february 2020 | Sergey Moiseev

In 2020 Russia will see the birth of investment platforms, which are financial organizations of a new type. Through them, individuals and companies can secure loans directly from investors. However, in the majority of countries they are not subject to financial regulation.

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