Margarita Lutova

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Trust During a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Is Changing Social Attitudes

16 november 2020 | Margarita Lutova

Bocconi University professor Eliana La Ferrara talks about how people's trust in each other is changing, how it can be strengthened through TV shows and why people often ignore the facts.

Subjective Economic Reality

11 november 2020 | Irina Ryabova, Margarita Lutova

Modern surveys help economists get into people’s minds: it turns out that people’s perceptions of the economy are not in line with reality, which in the end, can undermine economic policy, argues Stefanie Stantcheva, professor at Harvard.

The Future of Capitalism: The Evolution of Homo Economicus

2 november 2020 | Vlasta Demyanenko, Margarita Lutova

Capitalism is not driven by the selfishness and greed of the homo economicus but by decentralized decision-making that allows for experimenting and learning from one another, and the future lies with unity of purpose and mutual support, argues Paul Collier, professor at Oxford.

Institutions Under Threat: How Growing Inequality Can Change the World

28 october 2020 | Margarita Lutova

James Robinson, co-author of the famous book “Why Nations Fail”, on how the erosion of political institutions is affecting global economy and why COVID-19 will not be a watershed in institutional development.

The Quiet Central Bank Revolution

17 june 2019 | Margarita Lutova

Not so long ago, the basic principle central banks followed in their communication policy was to completely avoid communicating. Now, in the wake of a drastic change in their communication with the markets, central banks are mastering new means of communication with the public.