Dmitry Chernyadyev

Head of Division, Research and Forecasting Department of the Bank of Russia


Can We Presume That Inflation Expectations Are Anchored in Russia?

18 august 2022 | Vadim Grishchenko, Olga Kadreva, Alexey Porshakov, Dmitry Chernyadyev

With inflation expectations anchored, price spikes do not spread between market segments, and inflation returns to the target level. We have assessed that the expectations of Russian economists have been anchored since 2017, while those of households have not yet been anchored.

How the Corona Crisis Has Influenced the Russian Labour Market

5 april 2021 | Alexander Morozov, Alexey Porshakov, Dmitry Chernyadyev, Ksenia Yakovleva

The changes in the Russian labour market caused by the corona crisis have been largely temporary, but some of them may take hold and become the ‘new normal’. Sustained changes in the labour market will also affect inflation in the Russian economy.

Using Unconventional Data to Deal with an Unconventional Crisis

28 december 2020 | Alexander Morozov, Alexey Porshakov, Natalia Turdyeva, Dmitry Chernyadyev

During a crisis, real-time data is particularly important: the economic situation requires prompt governmental and regulatory decisions. Industry-specific financial flow monitoring developed by the Bank of Russia allows analysis of business activity on a daily basis.

The Global Financial Market: Three Main Risks

7 august 2019 | Dmitry Chernyadyev, Yulia Ushakova

The global economic slowdown is becoming a key threat to financial markets. The measures taken by central banks may prove insufficient to prevent a negative outcome.